Aims and Scope

Aims & Scopes 

Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology is the journal of Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade – Department of Ethnology and Anthropology.

Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology is an peer-reviewed scientific journal, which publishes original articles that have not been published previously or have not yet been submitted for publishing anywhere else, in print or electronic version.

The Journal is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the fields of ethnology, anthropology, cultural studies, archaeology, folklor, history, art, and other humanities.

Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology publishes original scientific articles, review articles, scientific critique, scientific interviews, book reviews and chronicles.

Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology does not publish papers that are entirely ethnographic data; which lack scientific approach and exhibit purely essayistic character; that endorse racist, nationalist, religious, gender, political or other discriminatory concepts, or in any way include hate speech.

Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology is issued four times a year. The Journal also publishes special issues, on specific themes and by visiting editors.

Contributions to the Journal may be submitted in Serbian language in both scripts – Cyrillic and Roman, in related languages, and in English and French.

Titles, Abstracts and Key Words are published in Serbian, English and French.