Short information:   CHANGES AND CLARIFICATIONS:   We do not accept ibid. in text. We request that authors avoid using 3-em dashes for repeated authors names in reference lists. Italics are used for the titles of books and journals, newspapers, blogs, movies etc. Quotation marks are for the titles of subsections of larger works—including chapter and article titles. English-language titles of works are capitalized headline-style in source citations as in running text. Authors are obliged to put DOI with journal articles, if there is one. Noun forms such as editor, translator, volume, and edition are abbreviated, but verb forms such as edited by and translated by are spelled out. An access date is of limited value. Chicago does not therefore require access dates in its published citations of electronic sources. NEW IN CITATION STYLE: Parentheses or comma with issue number. When volume and issue number of the journal are available the issue number is placed in parentheses. When only an issue number is used, it is set off by commas and not enclosed in parentheses. Use of n.d. for sources for which there is only an access date to cite. Citing blog posts and blogs in author-date format. Citing social media content in author-date format.