Award "Dušan Bandić" for the year 2017


  • Editorial Board


Award "Dušan Bandić" for the year 2017 goes to:

1. Nina Kulenović, Objašnjenje u antropologiji. Polemike. Beograd, 2017, Dosije studio

(Nina Kulenović, Explanation in anthropology. Controversy. Beograd, 2017, Dosije studio)

2. Marko Pišev, Između fetiša i meseca. Istorijsko-antropološki pristup islamu u Podsaharskoj Africi. Beograd, 2017, Dosije studio

(Marko Pišev, Between Fetishes and Moon. Historical-Anthropological Approach to Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa. Beograd, 2017, Dosije studio)


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