Ethnography (and) Digital. In action


  • Maša Vukanović Center for Study in Cultural Development, Belgrade, Serbia



cultural partticipation, databases, data, software, collaboration


Longitudinal research within Centre for Study in Cultural Development’s project “Cultural Participation and Cultural Heritage” was focused upon cultural participation of children in pre-schools and elementary schools but instead of publishing results decision was made to make electronic ethnographic database that contains documentation about programs that were successful in achieving active participation of children. Omnipresent in contemporary world new technologies are frequently taken for granted but creation of our database („Culture and other games for children“) showed that in the process very little goes without saying. Proces was in its core collaborative ethnography endavour and issues of collaboration included ones important for grasping interactions within digital ethnography. Aim of this paper is to talk about (not just write down) these issues as in the future mingling and balacing physical and virtual realities may be prominent for ethnography as well.


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