Social types hero, fool and villain in the theory of Orin Klapp

  • Vesna Trifunović The Institute of Ethnography SASA Belgrade
Fool, Hero, Villain, social type, social control, comparative approach, national character, Orin Klapp


The essay deals with the theory of the respected American sociologist Orin Klapp pertaining to social types, with an emphasis on the Hero, Villain and the Fool. The system, through which Orin Klapp classifies these three types, developing their social functions, as well as the technique he uses in analyzing the American national character, emphasizing their value as a methodological means in comparing different societies, is reflected upon.


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Trifunović, Vesna. 2007. “Social Types Hero, Fool and Villain in the Theory of Orin Klapp”. Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology 2 (1), 109-35.