Of Kimchi, Caribou – and Canadian Multiculturalism? An exploratory study

  • Alan G. Hallsworth Portsmouth Business School Richmond Building Portsmouth, UK
  • Alfred Wong Friends of Aboriginal Health Vancouver
  • Eunyoung [Christina] Choi Independent Researcher
acculturation, culture, indigenous people, immigrants, Korean


In this paper we argue that food – a basic life-necessity – should not be overlooked as a dimension of life-satisfaction. We use secondary sources and also empirical research to illustrate emergent dimensions of this topic: primarily in British Columbia, Canada. Other recent research suggests that, among immigrant populations, life satisfaction in a multicultural society such as Canada is not just about getting a job. As people migrate, they move into a new environment that may, or may not, supply familiar necessities. The additional perspective here is that off-reservation access to appropriate food by First Nations is also considered.


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